Basic information

Our plastic fibre carpets’ visuals are identical to that of the ordinary fibre carpets’.

These carpets are ideal for every purpose where durability or simple cleaning is a requirement.

They are water-repellent, easily cleaned even with a wet sponge. They can also be washed in washing machines.

Since they’re water repellent, they’re quick to dry making our carpets a good choice for outdoor purposes.

Due to the anti-static qualities of our carpets they aren’t absorbing dust, the allergy causing mites are unable to settle.

Stable, will not slip, not even on the smoothest surfaces, such as tiling and floor. The carpets won’t ruck either, thus making them an ideal choice for elderly people, or people living with wheelchairs.

Aesthetic design, ideal price-worthiness.

UV resistant, long lasting product.

Design your own carpet and order today!

The ALBINA carpets can be made in four width dimensions (70,80,120,140 cm) with any desired length. Four different patterns and 29 different colours are available.

We are at your service in our retail shop, with a wide range of stock available and with an intention to satisfy all specific needs.