Broad range of use

Hallway carpet runners


The ALBINA carpets do not slip, do not ruck or move below you. Easily cleaned, doesn’t need special care. All maintenance can be done in the household.

Produced in 70 and 80 cm width with various patterns. We also take special orders for carpets exceeding 4 m length.

Bathroom rug


„…This special carpet, apart from the aesthetic looks, provides „healing massage” to my feet, protects me from slipping, and keeping it clean is amazingly easy.”
(K.F., Budapest)

Outdoor rug


The ALBINA carpets are resistant to the weather conditions, easily cleaned. Dust, water repelling surfaces, UV resistant.

Ideal choice for balconies, terraces or beside pools.

For pet keepers


„…At the beginning I was worried a bit, but I trusted in the description about the carpet I found on the website. Fortunately I wasn’t disappointed!  The carpet proved to be a perfect choice, even during the few weeks of shedding period off my dog, the hair is not sticking into the carpet. It is so easy to clean!”

(K.A. Budapest)

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